Wayne & Cheryl Renshaw

Santa Clara, CA

​Cheryl and Wayne are a husband and wife team who have been street painting together since 2000. They live in Santa Clara, California in the heart of Silicon Valley, where Wayne works as an architect and Cheryl designs landscapes. They are regulars at several California festivals, including Santa Barbara’s I Madonnari and San Rafael’s Italian Street Painting Marin, In addition to Marietta, they have traveled to Florida, New York, Missouri, British Columbia, and Ontario for street painting festivals. Their idea of a good vacation is to go somewhere interesting and spend all their time looking at the pavement (though Cheryl has been known to drag Wayne to public gardens when she can!). They enjoy creating 3D street paintings that tell a story, often including kids (nieces, neighbors, godsons…anyone small who will pose doing something goofy!). They look forward to returning for a third year to the streets of Marietta.