Nicole Flaig

Alexandria, VA

Nicole has been participating in Street Painting festivals across the United States since 2004. She began painting alongside her mother, Beatrice Flaig, in Florida and continued on to win competitions, such as People’s Choice awards in both Colorado and Connecticut. She strives to try different techniques at nearly every festival, sometimes including 3D perspectives. More often than not, you will find her paintings to be dynamic, bright, and boldly colorful.
While not her only passion (she is currently pursuing a career in Neuroscience), Nicole has a strong love for the street art. Both the ephemeral creative experience and interactions with the crowds are the driving joy of recreating grand scales of art on the pavement. Nicole has also branched out into creations in the opposite end of the spectrum: miniature oil and acrylic paintings! From twenty feet to 20 millimeters, the process of drawing and painting is a meditative one and will keep her painting for fun for years to come.