Maribeth McFaul

Mission Viejo, CA

Maribeth McFaul, a native Californian, art educator, and professional watercolorist was introduced to the art of street painting at the Arts Alive & Street Painting Festival in Mission Viejo in 1999. She has received awards and has been recognized as the featured artists at festivals throughout the country. Spectators are often concerned about the temporary nature of street painting with pastels, however, McFaul believes that it is the nature of this art form. “It is the co-creative experience of this performance art that makes street painting so rewarding.” In addition, she feels that street painting events are an excellent way for communities to gain an appreciation for the art-making process. Maribeth recently retired from teaching middle school art, is passionate about passing on her love of visual art and street painting to the next generation. With a B.A. in Biology and Visual Art, her paintings and drawings are inspired by life and punctuated with color. “Art is just another way to study life…”