Cynthia Kostylo

Lexington, KY

A Chicago native, Cynthia Kostylo now lives in Waukegan, Illinois. She immerses herself in the world of art as a painter, muralist, digital illustrator, pastel artist and even paints with ketchup for an international restaurant chain! Cynthia has traveled extensively both in the US and internationally performing the temporary art of the Madonnari. Her signature style is to create large-scale portraits that celebrate human unity and diversity by transforming realistic skin tones using bold colors – resulting in dramatic and compelling images. Additionally, Cynthia has developed a unique form of street art called 360chalk. This layout gives the crowds optimum viewing, simultaneously, as they stroll around a 30’ diameter circle watching artists create their pieces. Cynthia and her team have performed 360chalk in Florida, Texas, and California and plan to share it internationally.