Velko Geurgevich

Belgrade, Serbia

Velko Geurgevich, (Veljko Djurdevic) a graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Belgrade, Serbia – a third-generation professional landscape artist who refers to himself as a painter of “zen-scapes”. “I depict majestic, ethereal, intimate, contemplative landscapes – soul sanctuaries,” the artist explains. “Nature is my muse. I am forever devoted to portraying Nature in all its magnificence. My landscapes are intimate and personal: I see them as pages from my diary. My work is an attempt to show my respect towards nature, an attempt I am forever refining. My focus on realism, my devotion and gratitude for the gifts that we are given. The skill is there only to convey a deeper emotional and philosophical context. I follow the techniques of the Old Masters. I slowly build my paintings, layer by layer, and use only premium quality materials in my work. I have dedicated the first ten years of my career to becoming a master draftsman, believing that drawing is a key element to every great painting.”

Velko’s work is widely collected in Serbia, Italy, France, Switzerland, the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. “My life-long inspiration is to capture the illusive ethereality of Nature. At the age of 28, I feel that my artistic journey is only beginning” comments Velko.