Lori Antoinette

Palmdale, CA

I started drawing very early. I remember sitting with my mom at around 3 years old. She’d draw a squiggle, and I’d add to that squiggle. We’d go back and forth adding squiggles until we had a complete picture. That was my favorite game with her.

I always took some kind of art classes growing up, ending up with a degree in Abstract Art from the Univ of MD, College Park. Moving forward, in 1993, I was invited by a fellow artist to participate in a new “chalk event” in Pasadena. I’d never heard of “chalking on the street” and my friend said “it’s okay, none of us have”. So I said, “okay, I’m in!” (hahaha) With that, I did my first chalk, fell in love, and never looked back!

The most joyous part of doing what I do is that moment I look at the work in progress and realize that it’s actually happening, my inner vision is quite possible going to be a success! (hehehe) If others enjoy what I’ve done, well, that’s some super sweet icing the creative cake!