Lisa Jones

Corte Madera, CA

Lisa Jones is a California artist and teacher. Since 2001, she has participated in street painting events in several locations as well as joined the executive team organizing the Italian Street Painting Marin event in San Rafael, CA in 2013. Ms. Jones created a small business called Urban Canvas to facilitate one-day street painting events in the San Francisco Bay Area promoting the art to a broad range of people. In addition to her passion for chalk art, her primary focus is her own business; a hands-on fine art studio for children in Marin County, California. A lifetime student of the art masters, Jones founded Masterworks Kids’ Fine Art in 1996 to encourage children and their parents to explore the universal experience of communicating ideas through visual media. The program provides talented young students with an opportunity to learn about and create art in after-school classes, Saturday workshops and summer camps.

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