Lisa Gaither

Raleigh, NC

Lisa Gaither is a commissioned based artist in Raleigh, North Carolina. Lisa is mostly self-taught and has been “creating” her entire life. In 1996, after a stint in printing and graphic design, she decided to become a full-time, self-employed artist. Lisa has created murals and custom paint finishes all over the state of North Carolina as well as the east coast. In recent years she has devoted most of her time to creating public art. She enjoys creating her own projects as well as designing and directing community projects. Lisa believes that art is for everyone and that art does not only belong in a gallery or a museum where only a few can enjoy it. It was during a local festival in the fall of 2013 that Lisa stumbled onto street painting. Chalk/Street Painting festivals are something that she loves and will continue to travel and participate in. She also creates commissioned chalk/street paintings for events and festivals in her hometown/area where she lives.