Josh Jameson

Lilburn, Georgia

Josh Jameson is a freelance artist specializing in promotional illustration, sign and mural painting, branding installations and sculpture. For the past four years, Josh has flourished in the beer industry furthering many of Atlanta’s top breweries’ company branding and product packaging. Sometimes referred to as “The Chalkboard Chef,” he is consistently producing new event chalkboards and murals for restaurants and public houses. His work is primarily dimensional in nature, creating and developing detailed worlds that come to life in a multitude of mediums. His subjects can range from humorous and clever to dark and mysterious and is anchored by strong character development and solid story-telling. He also develops prototype collectible toys and model kits, exploring new realms of imagination through conceptual character and creature design. Originally from Georgia, he graduated from Savannah College of Art and Design in Atlanta, with concentrations in illustration and painting. He resides just outside of Atlanta with his wife, daughter, and three-legged cat.

Instagram also at @neverthingstudio