Graham Curtis

Petersburg, VA

Graham began street painting 18 yrs ago on a whim, at the newly formed ‘Italian’ Street Painting Festival in 1999, at the annual Central Pennsylvania Festival of the Arts in State College, PA. I have had the privilege of being one of the featured artists over the past several years. I have taken part in Festivals in Pennsylvania, Georgia, Michigan, California, and New York. While I favor realism, portraiture, and the ‘classic’ styles, I also create ‘3D’ Anamorphic pieces which are fun and challenging. I grew up in the UK. As a child, I remember seeing street artists chalking wonderful miniature masterpieces on the pavement outside the National Gallery in London. Like so many children, seeing what can be accomplished with chalk on a sidewalk was mesmerizing. The nature of this art form is delightful. The process allows the viewer to witness each artist’s technique. The temporary nature of this art form and the camaraderie of the artists at street painting events is unique and a very rewarding experience.

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