Andrew Patrick Henry

Barnesville, GA

Andrew Patrick Henry, a native of Griffin, Georgia, now a resident of Barnesville for the last six years, has been “arting since the age of two”—a passion that he knew would turn into a lifelong obsession at that young age. Little did he know that he had discovered his career and mission as well. Being homeschooled as a child afforded Henry the opportunity to become proficient in his model building, sculpting, woodworking, drafting, and painting skills. Later, he took his first lessons outside of watching Bob Ross on public television when, at 18, he attended a small workshop by Teresa Thurston in Griffin, GA and immediately thereafter began classes at Gordon College. He graduated from Gordon State College Suma Cum Laude with double honors and an associate of arts degree. Since launching his professional career in 2012, Henry has enjoyed using his time and talent for charities and non-profits both in the Barnesville-Lamar County area as well as around the United States. His portfolio is as eclectic as he is. Henry, also an Eagle Scout, has had the opportunity to paint and “muralize” local municipalities here in Georgia, around the United States, and spots all around the globe. In 2016 he, along with nearly 25 other artists, traveled to Amsterdam to complete a nearly 80-foot long mural for the Heineken Experience at the original Heineken Brewery. `Early in 2017, Henry was approached by the producers of HBO’s Sharp Objects (a new series based on the novel by Gillian Flynn) to paint two murals in downtown Barnesville, Georgia. Borrowing from vintage to the most distinct and clean of modern inspirations, Andrew Patrick Henry uses his artistic visions to effectively serve others in the ways they need and want.