Anat Ronen

Houston, TX

Anat is a self-taught artist who pushes herself to find depth in her work, but in her street art pieces, she lets her feelings and opinions run free and reflect her notion of current affairs, global injustices, social matters and love for animals. Her challenges have helped mold her into an independent woman, who’s art causes the audience to pause for intelligent reflection and appreciation of beauty. “It is in the street, that I feel the best. The vast canvas that the street offers, the instant exposure, the affordability, the accessibility, the unfiltered public outlet- all this fits me like a glove. In the street, all humans are seemingly equal: there are no pretenses or societal snobbery, age or gender differences, cultural origins or physical appearance. In the street, it’s just you, the structure and the passersby.” As she works in a public setting, she is able to assume a performative role, engaging with her audiences and establishing a real connection with the surrounding community. Viewers can see Anat’s vision come to life on stroke at a time. Anat, her husband Ori and son Orr came to the US in 2007 as a “Hail Mary” move “before it gets too late” as she explains. Aged 35, she and her husband felt they wanted to try something else, not defined by their nation’s problems. Anat started as an administrative assistant, which she did previously in Israel, and after two years, applied for a different visa. Her professional art career started in late 2008 when the desire to stay in the US and make a living by creating art. Anat had no idea where that desire would take her, and looking back, the journey was and is an unbelievable event to her. She didn’t know she had it in herself, and now every project takes her to a new territory, testing her abilities and challenges her with new perspectives.

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